A downloadable game for Windows


This game was made for JimJam which is a game jam, thank to Tim Ruswick


  • Move with WASD
  • Pause: Esc
  • Shoot: Left Mouse button
  • interact: E
  • Switch weapons using mouse wheel 

Finish all 4 Levels and kill all the Enemies and here is a challenge for you: Don't DIE.


Beast Mode v1.0.0.zip 17 MB


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WHOOP! Finished the fourth level and am currently so proud of myself XD

Couldn't stay alive tho.... Things suddenly escalated on the 4th floor, haha

It's a really fun game tho for some reason the screen was dark at the start of each level. You can only see that game after you hit esc to pause it...

Please continue to develop this game so I can learn more of the story!  ;)

I'm very happy to see that you've enjoyed this game. Unfortunately ,currently I am not planning to develop this game any further. Thanks for playing my game Tragicmiraclecollection!