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Shape of heart

A video game inspired by playing cards and the song "The Shape Of My Heart".

In this 2D Shooter, you will be the suit of heart. Your mission is to collect as many Gems as you Desire and kill as many other suits (Clubs, Spades, Diamonds) as you can.

How to play:

  • Use a keyboard and a mouse to play
  • W and S for moving forwards and backwards.
  • A and D for rotating
  • Use Mouse to aim and shoot
  • Hold Left click to shoot hearts
  • HOLD Right click to Explode Every Enemy Around you!
  • Hold shift to move and shoot faster
  • Have fun


  • Version 1:
    • Made in one day for a game jam.
    • Fixed camera (No rotation)
    • *People seemed to have problem with moving around.
  • Version 1.0.2:
    • Improved on the Movement System
    • + Camera rotation to help with the movement
    • Improved on the Atmosphere
    • + Ability to shoot faster by holding Shift (Let the Bullets RAIN!)
    • + A better PowerShoot (Hold Right Click)
    • + Switch between Fullscreen by pressing 'P'
    • - a bug where Clubs didn't die when PowerShooted

  • Plans for the Next Version:
    • +New Levels
    • A better Menu
    • A better Pause menu
    • +Level selection

    Install instructions

    Download the zip file

    Extract in a folder

    Double click on the game: Shape of Heart

    Enjoy ;)


    Shape of Heart v1.0.0.zip 2 MB
    Shape of Heart v1.0.2.zip 3 MB

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